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Recognizing Our Shared Experiences

As Black and Jewish people, we share historic bonds of solidarity. Together we have stood together against all forms of hate, both anti-Blackness and anti-Semitism which comes from white supremacy ideologies targeted specifically at our communities. Instead of us pitting ourselves against each other, we can work to combat both the sinister nature of white supremacy and the subsequent hate speech, joining forces in solidarity for allyship between our communities and not letting hate and misinformation divide us. 


Our mission is to address the rising hate towards Jewish Americans, WE ROSE will work with local Jewish organizations to pilot tools to educate young African Americans on the history of Antisemitic rhetoric currently being used by popular African American public figures.  To address the rise in misinformation within the African American community about the Jewish community, WE ROSE will partner with local organizations to disseminate tools to educate young African Americans about the history of Antisemitic views. WE ROSE will support meaningful Black and Jewish relationship building in New Orleans to combat distrust and division within the Black community to promote understanding and mutual respect and support among Black and Jewish people.


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